Bicycle indicators and side markers.

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Enhanced visibility with highly luminous and universally recognizable signal lights.


Soft shock absorbing tip, splash proof enclosure and Wear resistant materials.


Ergonomic wrist support and premium materials for comfortable ride

It's as easy as riding a bike

Just press the button with your thumb and the turn signal starts blinking for 15 seconds. You can always turn the blinking off with another short press. A longer press turns on and off steady marker lights. A short press will trigger the blinking turn signal even when the marker lights are on.

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An entirely new way for bikers to be seen in traffic at dark, dusk and during night.

A turn signal simply can't make you safer if it's hard for you to use and draws your attention away from traffic. That's why we carefully designed, redesigned and tested every possible location for the button until we found the perfect one. Now you can hit it in the dark, literally.

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