BlinkerGrips increase visibility in road traffic, but blinkers do not provide 100% protection against accidents, and do not guarantee that other road users see you. We recommend that you continue to indicate your change in direction by outstretched arm or hand and ride carefully in road traffic. Observe all local traffic regulations of the country you are biking in.




LIA Holding GmbH refuses any liability. Especially liability in cases of injury, disability, or death due to accidents (caused by either your own fault or negligence or that of others). Installation and/or use of BlinkerGrips is at your own risk. In most countries of the world, bike blinkers are not required. In some countries, bike blinkers are illegal in public road traffic! Please educate yourself on the respective legal situation prior to starting your ride. BlinkerGrips are very bright. Therefore, never look directly into the light to avoid damage to your eyes. Use at your own risk!